Apna Vakil

Apna Vakil

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  • Apna Vakil Membership Card is specially designed to redress by resolving the dispute for a small claim.
  • Small Dispute Resolution (SDR) is a smarter, cheap, speedier, cost effective and confidential procedure.

Specially designed to redress disputes for a small claim-

  •  To deal with deficiency in service by the service provider like :

Banking, Financial Institutions, Telecom, Electricity, Online Trading, Tours and Travels, Hotels and Restaurants, Club Membership, Logistics-Freight and Cargo, Insurance, School, Hospital etc.



  •  To Deal with the deficiency in Products its Quality and Quantity, Delivery and Uses, Standards, Warranty, Guarantee, Malfunctioning, E-commerce etc.



  •  To Deal with disputes out of the Contracts, Lease, Rent, Property, Matrimonial, Licenses, Ayurveda and Pharma, Medical Negligence, Domain etc.

Renewal shall be allowed only on expiry of the period of Apna Vakil Membership card which is valid for one calendar year.

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