Apna Vakil

Apna Vakil

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  • Apna Vakil Membership Card is specially designed to redress by resolving the dispute for a small claim.
  • Small Dispute Resolution (SDR) is a smarter, cheap, speedier, cost effective and confidential procedure.

Specially designed to redress disputes for a small claim-

· To deal with deficiency in service by the service provider like –

Banking, Financial Institutions, Telecom, Electricity, Online Trading, Tours and Travels, Hotels and Restaurants, Club Membership, Logistics-Freight and Cargo, Insurance, School, Hospital etc.



· To Deal with deficiency in Products – its Quality and Quantity, Delivery and Uses, Standards, Warranty, Guarantee, Malfunctioning, E-commerce etc.



· To Deal with disputes out of – Contracts, Lease, Rent, Property, Matrimonial, Licenses, Ayurveda and Pharma, Medical Negligence, Domain etc.

Renewal shall be allowed only on expiry of the period of Apna Vakil Membership card which is valid for one calendar year.

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· Membership Card

· Confidential PIN

Apna Vakil